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Hanukkah Presentation

Updated: Feb 18

Shalom Everyone, I wanted to share the PowerPoint I generally use when presenting the Hanukkah story. The slides work well enough on their own, but I do add some comments here and there that are not listed. I give a brief summary on what I say to help give you an idea. I hope this presentation will be of use, as it has greatly been enjoyed when I have given this teaching. *This presentation normally takes me anywhere from an hour and thirty minutes to two hours*

During that time Hanukkah would have taken place at the temple. Yeshua being there, and without giving grievance, points to his approval of the festival.

After this slide, I like to ask the group "what is the holy covenant?"

This slide is to show that the new or renewed covenant is cut with the same people, and that Keeping Torah is still a key tenet. This time, however, Elohim will place the Torah on our hearts so we do not go astray.

The yellow and red highlights are to bring attention to key words. I switched from yellow to red, because the same color on top of each other tend to blend in.

I like to point out that the Greeks wanted to completely blot out the Torah, to the point that no one remembered it. Also, think about how this points to the end times.

Eleazar was blessed with long life and acted in a manner worthy of his gray hair. It was the fear of Elohim that kept him strong to the end. Think about how serious he took not wanting to lead astray the young.

Resurrection and eternal life are not 'New Testament' concepts as we see here. Notice how keeping Torah, out of love and fear for Elohim, equates to eternal life. At the end of the slide, I point out how Greece is nowhere near what it used to be in terms of power.

The mother's resiliency is quite astonishing. If you have children imagine being in her position, would you be able to encourage your offspring to be obedient to Elohim even at the cost of horrific death?

This slide is in here to show that Yeshua is the Torah made flesh, and that the Torah and Yeshua are not against one another. He is the walking embodiment of what it means to be obedient to the Father. I believe that all those who heard Yeshua make this statement, who had a knowledge of the scriptures, knew exactly what Yeshua was proclaiming to be.

Can you imagine going up against the Greek army, out numbered and out supplied?

Here I like to point out that the Greeks or gentiles(those outside the camp of Israel) are all around us, waging a war of ideologies against Elohim. While they may not be after us with swords yet, following after their ways is just as deadly.

Hanukkah is about reflecting on the past, looking towards the future, and rededicating ourselves to the covenant. It is a festival of gathering together to praise Elohim, not so much about giving gifts as many have made it out it to be.

This illustrates the difference between the hanukkiah(unbiblical nine headed candle) vs the menorah.

A brief overview of what the seven heads of the menorah represent, and how those appointed times were/will be fulfilled.

Unpleasant to think that the tribulation of the end times, will exceed the despair of which we just read.

This slide shows that the dragon is not worried about those who just have one or the other, let alone neither, but is concerned with those who keep the Torah and have Yeshua as their Savior King.

The tree of life grants eternal life, and those who do the commands of Elohim will inherit life. Let us be courageous as those we read about in Maccabees, and be obedient even unto death.

I don't think this is the final iteration of my Hanukkah presentation, as I see room for improvements. However, if you are needing some guidance on how to present the story of Hanukkah, well, maybe you'll find this to be of use. Continue to test all things and may the Ruach Hakodesh lead you into all truth.


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