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Biblical Cosmology, The Firmament Part 2

Updated: Feb 18

This is my continuation on the topic of the firmament, my first post on it dealt entirely with the Biblical proof for a solid dome-like structure above the face of the earth. With this post, we’ll look at the secular proof for the firmament, so if you have not read “Biblical Cosmology, the Firmament” please click here.

Admiral Byrd and his Trip to Antarctica

Our journey begins with a man named Richard E. Byrd or more commonly known as Admiral Byrd. He was a highly decorated service member achieving the Medal of Honor and had an unquenchable thirst for exploring the unknown. This drive sent him to Antarctica numerous times, but the one expedition of interest is “Operation HighJump” (1946–1947). For this mission he was supported by the US Navy, giving him plenty of ships, boats, aircraft, and personnel to accomplish his goal. Well, he found something in Antarctica and in an interview gave an account of what he saw. At the bottom of the page, I’ll post links for videos that deal with Admiral Byrd and his time spent in Antarctica.

Here are a few quotes pulled from that interview, “Strangely enough, there is an area left in the world today an area as big as the United States that’s never been seen by a human being.” Byrd said he found this area as he moved further into Antarctica and even went on to say, “It’s an untouched reservoir of natural resources”. This isn’t the desolate wasteland of ice and snow that we typically think about when we imagine Antarctica, but according to the admiral if you travel far enough inland that is what you’ll see. Now unfortunately we cannot trust everything Byrd said as he was a Freemason, but it has been reported that he lost plane after plane due to some invisible barrier. Not too long after this started taking place did the expedition end, six months ahead of schedule mind you.

Antarctica is Off Limits

Admiral Byrd participated in one last mission to Antarctica, “Operation Deep Freeze 1” (1955–1956), it was during this time that the United States set up permanent bases there. Three years after this expedition, The Antarctic Treaty (1959) is created and agreed upon by 12 countries (Today that number is 53). This treaty makes it illegal for everyday citizens to travel to Antarctica, sure some cruises will take to you to certain areas, but you will not be able to go exploring on your own. In fact, people have been arrested and vanished for unauthorized sailing in the arctic waters, Jarle Andhoy is one such person who was detained after he went searching for the missing Berserk vessel. Not only is sailing or trekking across Antarctica illegal but you can’t even fly a plane over it. Something interesting to note, no one has ever flown over the South Pole, you would think someone with enough money would want the title of being the first person to achieve such a feat. But as you and I know it’s impossible to fly over the South Pole, as some of the pilots found out with Admiral Byrd.

Testing the Firmament

Something is found in Antarctica, most likely the edge of the dome, then the area is shut down and kept by various countries around the world; the treaty of which has never been violated. The next event to occur is “operation fishbowl project Dominic” (1962), translated it reads fishbowl of the Lord, a very peculiar name wouldn’t you say? During this operation, both the United States and the Soviet Union launch nuke after nuke straight up into the sky. Why? Many others in the truth community believe they were testing the boundaries of the firmament. Here’s a quote from Dr. John Mack, Dept. of Defense during operation fishbowl, “Nothing has or ever will penetrate the glass dome”. If you found out you lived inside of an enclosed system wouldn’t you start testing the boundaries and trying to figure out how far it goes, how high it reaches, and if you can dig underneath it? That’s exactly what the US and Russia did, they even started digging, the deepest hole is the Kola borehole and it only goes 8 miles down! Yet in school, we’re taught that scientists know exactly how far it is to the center of the earth and what lies there.

It is time to wake up from the lies that the elites are trying to brainwash us with, it’s time to start thinking for ourselves and questioning what mainstream media and science tell us. I had videos listed down below originally, but they have since been removed from YouTube. Instead I have listed several YouTube channels that I think you might enjoy. As always don’t believe a word I say, research it for yourselves, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me. May the Holy Spirit guide you on your journeys.


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