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Unto Death: In the Land of Un, My Third Book

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

I have just published my third book but the second in the Unto Death series, Unto Death: In the Land of Un. This book picks up right where book one, Unto Death: Journey to the East, left off. The back cover reads as follows,

Being charged with venturing into the Land of Un to save a group of budding Set-apart ones. Michael, Ezra, and Ling must overcome the Green Desert, the Wong Tao assassins, towering giants, and the ever-present Flesh. Along the way, startling new revelations, challenge each of them in ways that will push them to their limits. Ultimately, each will have to decide if they will remain committed, even unto death.

I want to thank everyone who bought the first book, hearing your thoughts on it and how it impacted you have been a huge blessing. I'm glad I could be used in such a way, to tell a fantasy story that is uncompromising when it comes to Biblical truths. You won't find my heroes practicing 'good' magic to beat 'evil' magic, but instead using the power gifted to them from the Father.

You can pick up a copy for yourself here, available in paperback, hardcover, and Kindle. I hope you enjoy part two!

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